I/we want to skip-a-payment for my next payment. I/we authorize a $25 fee, per loan suffix, to be deducted from my/our checking or share savings account [whichever has the full fee amount available]. The fee cannot be added to the loan balance. An application can be submitted in person, or by phone, fax or online by using the ASE Credit Union website. Address information must be up to date prior to submission of this application.

Reminder: Skip-a-Payment Fee of $25 per loan skipped must be on deposit at the time this application is submitted. Applications submitted without the fee on deposit cannot be processed.
*Note: AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS by payroll deduction and direct deposit will not be discontinued; however, the funds will be applied to the share/savings account. Members are responsible for discontinuing any scheduled payment(s) on online banking for the month they have signed up to skip. *Note: EXCLUSIONS/CONDITIONS: Mortgage Loans, Paid Ahead Loans, Essential Loans, Construction Loans, Overdraft Protection, Credit Card Loans, the First Payment(s) on Loans, Workout Loans, accounts that have payment arrangements or have had 2 skips in a 12 month period are all excluded from this promotion. *ATTENTION MEMBERS WITH GAP: I/We understand that skipping a loan payment may result in a reduction of the amount paid by GAP if a claim is filed during the life of the loan. Contact a Loan Officer or Branch Manager for further details. By typing your initials in the box provided below, I/we state that all borrower(s) acknowledge that the loan payment(s) is/are being skipped and that interest will continue to accrue. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if your account does not meet the above criteria.